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Bridging cultures through language with the Speak Good English Movement 2012

The English Channel (TEC) is partnering Speak Good English Movement (SGEM) 2012 for the first time this year to help further the movement’s cause of encouraging better communication through the English language. TEC will conduct a series of workshops focused on the main components of the O Level English examination, including essay writing, reading comprehension and spoken English. In conjunction with the launch of SGEM 2012, TEC will start off with a workshop for 200 underprivileged students from community organisations such as SINDA and Mendaki.

Commenting on the importance of helping students for the O Level English exams, Ms Lorraine Tham, founder of The English Channel said, “The O Level English exam is the final key assessment for students before they move on to tertiary education. How well they perform affects their confidence and interest in using the language beyond their studies. Helping students do well in their O Level English exam gives them the confidence to use the language in their everyday lives, and the more they use the language, the better they will get at it”.

The first of a series of 2-hour workshops will be held on Saturday 29th September 2012 at Queenstown Public Library. Each workshop will accommodate 200 students. It will comprise of a 45-minute lecture, a 45-minute hands-on session and a 30-minute Q&A.

Registration details here

For more details about our partnership with the Speak Good English Movement 2012, please see attachment here. TEC partners SGEM2012

Our ESW 2012 guest speaker’s essay for download

Thank you for attending the Exam Strategies Workshop 2012 last week. We hope you found it useful in your preparations for the examination.

Here’s another resource – the narrative essay “Space” by Pan Yuanzhen – which one of the guest speakers at last week’s Exam Strategies Workshop 2012 has kindly allowed us to share with all of you.

Download the essay by clicking below.

Student Essay – Space – By Pan Yuanzhen

We will be adding new resources once every fortnight. So do check this website for more resources.

P.S. Remember to keep killing those mark-sucking vampires 🙂

Thank you for attending the Exam Strategies Workshop 2012

o level english exam strategies workshop

Exam Strategies Workshop 2012

Thank you for attending the ESW2012, we hope you walked away with plenty of useful tips and strategies to tackle that English paper!

Ms Tham and Pan Yuanzhen

Ms Tham with senior student Pan Yuanzhen who scored A1 for O Level English

Ms Tham and Ang Di

Senior Ang Di sharing her study tips to achieve A1 for English

We would like to say a big thank you to our guest speakers Yuan Zhen and Ang Di for taking time to come back and share their journey to A1. They have also generously consented to share more of their essays and vocabulary journal with us so do check our resources section for updates.


Exam Strategies Workshop

Exam Strategies Workshop

The Exam Strategy Workshop will be back next year. Please share this workshop with your juniors if you have found it useful. Who knows, we may see you back here next year sharing your own journey to A1!


How to improve my English?

Common Errors in O Level English

Common errors and frequently asked questions


Immersion Programmes


Learning journeys and activities for local immersion


Exam Strategies Workshop

o level english exam strategies workshop

Learn useful tips and strategies to improve your exam score