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I have very limited vocabulary. How can I still do well for my essay?

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How do I improve my vocabulary?

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Can I use my personal experience in an expository or argumentative essay?

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How do I improve my introduction?

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What should I read to improve my language?

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Essay Analysis

You will find reference essays for you to download here. These are essays written by past students who have gotten an A1. Some essays come with detailed analysis of good techniques used as well as comments for you to refer and learn how to improve your writing skills.

Analysis of an Expository Essay
Includes detailed analysis of good techniques used in this A1 essay.

Social Media has made us less social. Do you agree?

Analysis of a Single-Word Essay
This is a distinction essay which contains some good essay writing techniques.

Single Word Essay – Memory

A1 Student Essays
The following are well-written essays by our students.

Ms Tham and Pan Yuanzhen

Pan Yuanzhen

Pan Yuanzhen was one of our inspiring guest speakers at the Exam Strategies Workshop in 2012. She scored an A1 for English in the 2011 GCE ‘O’ Level examination.

Student Essay – Space – By Pan Yuanzhen

How to improve my English?

Common Errors in O Level English

Common errors and frequently asked questions


Immersion Programmes


Learning journeys and activities for local immersion


Exam Strategies Workshop

o level english exam strategies workshop

Learn useful tips and strategies to improve your exam score