Vocabulary – How to improve my vocabulary

How to improve my vocabulary?

Keeping your own Vocab Book is a great way to build your vocabulary bank. However, many students give up halfway or get lost in a sea of disorganised words. One way to make effective use of a Vocabulary Book is to organise your words by theme. Not only does it help you refer to the words more efficiently, it also makes easier to apply the words and phrases in your writing. Therefore it is important that you organise your vocab book.

Tip #1
Don’t just write down a word or phrase that you like in your vocab book, make sure you use the word or phrase by crafting it into a sentence. The learning objective is that to ensure you understand how to use the new word or phrase. Record the meaning as well if it helps you remember better.

Tip #2
Find a way to organise your new word/phrase entries in your vocab book by theme or by usage. If the entries are too random, you may have a hard time referring to it.

Here we share with you how one of our students kept a scrapbook of interesting phrases and descriptions from her everyday reading.



Be inspired to start your own vocab book. It’s never too late to start.

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