Thank you for attending the Exam Strategies Workshop 2013

O Level English Exam Strategies Workshop - Ms Tham

Ms Tham sharing tips and strategies with attentive students.

O Level English Exam Strategies Workshop - Ms Tham, Yang Hui and Tianshu

Ms Tham and the guest speakers, Yang Hui and Tianshu.

We hope you walked away with useful tips and strategies that you can use to improve your exam score. Ms Tham is very hopeful that there are quite a number of potential A1s amongst you, so remember to apply everything you have learned and come back in 2014 to share your success stories with your juniors. Remember to let us know your grades!

O Level English Exam Strategies Workshop was a full house

The workshop was a full house!

For those of you who are taking on the Weekly A1 Challenge posed by Ms Tham, remember to email your responses to Ms Tham will select the best attempts for each week’s challenge and shortlist student submissions for A1 makeovers and error analysis. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn how to improve your work!

A1 Challenge – Week 1 (Reminder)

Craft 3 topic sentences for either of these questions:

1. Do you think teenagers should work during their school vacation?

2. ‘Recycling is a waste of time.’ What are your views?

Email your response by Friday 20th September 2013!

A1 Challenge – Week 2 (Coming up soon)

The challenge will be revealed on Saturday 21st September. So check in here for details.

Game on for those who are aiming for an A1 🙂

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Exam Strategies Workshop

o level english exam strategies workshop

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